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Cheat sheet

Full query functionality of is available:

  • artist HAS professor kliq
  • title IS love
  • random 99 (special command)

Logical operators and sorting are back, too!

  • artist IS Various Artists AND meanrating GREATER 2.8
  • totalduration GREATER 9000 AND rating GREATER 3
  • rating EQUAL 5 SORT BY -duration activity

Album-level rating and activity for less granular results:

  • meanactivity GREATER 2.5 AND meanrating GREATER 3.3
  • style HAS techno AND totalduration GREATER 3600 AND meanrating GREATER 2.5 SORT BY -rating



  • title: track title
  • trackartist: track artist name
  • activity: 1=passive, 2=average, 3=active
  • rating: subjective track rating (1 to 5)
  • duration: track length (seconds)
  • trackurl: direct URL to music file
  • track: track number
  • disc: disc number


  • album: the album title
  • artist: "Various Artists" for compilations
  • label: name of netlabel
  • catalog: identifier within netlabel
  • year: year of publication
  • genre: coarse style of release "Electronic", "Rock"
  • style: finer classification, tag-like, comma-separated
  • totaldiscs: number of discs in release (1-10)
  • totaltracks: number of tracks in release (1-199)
  • meanactivity: average of track activity (float)
  • meanrating: average of track rating (float)
  • totalduration: sum of track duration (seconds)
  • licenseurl: URL to release license (mostly Creative Commons)
  • url: URL to release page on

Query syntax


  • Identity: (field) IS (value)
  • Substring: (field) HAS (value)
  • field = value: (field) EQUAL (value)
  • field > value: (field) GREATER (value)
  • field < value: (field) LESS (value)


  • NOT (expression)
  • (expression1) AND (expression2)
  • (expression1) OR (expression2)


Space-separated list of field names, prefix - for descending sort order:
  • (query) SORT BY (field list)
  • (field list): e.g. rating -duration trackartist